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Best Child Development Center in Delhi-NCR

Shining Stars Child Development Center is an evidence based; physician supervised center for children with disabilities. The centre is unique in its own way as it provides all the scientifically proven, individualized therapies which are required for special children under one roof.

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Shining stars child development center is committed to serve the children with disabilities by a team of eminent development and behavioural paediatrician along with psychologist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and special educator. Unlike any other child development centre, treatment at this child development center is under the guidance and constant supervision and monitoring of a developmental paediatrician. The incidence of developmental and behavioural disorders is on the rise and there is paucity of evidence-based and scientifically monitored interventions. Also, it is a well-known fact that children have to visit therapy centers multiple times for various sessions. This whole process is resource intense and costs much to the parents. As a result, many children are forced to discontinue interventions in view of financial constraints. This center was incepted with the idea of providing quality and cost-effective services to all children with disabilities with the motto of “no children should be denied services”. Our overall aim is to minimise disparities and inequalities in access to care and outcomes among children with disabilities.

What are developmental disorders?

  • Delayed development in speech-language, motor skills or thinking ability.
  • Cerebral palsy, Global developmental delay, Intellectual disability, visual and hearing impairments.
  • Autism Spectrum disorder
  • Attention and behavioral disorders including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Academic difficulties: Learning disabilities like dyslexia, writing difficulties (dysgraphia) and other school related learning activities.
  • Down syndrome and other genetic syndromes.
  • Sleep disorder, feeding problems, and difficulty in performing other activities of daily living.
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder or Dyspraxia.

What does a Developmental Pediatrician do?

  • A developmental Pediatrician is a pediatrician with additional subspeciality training in Developmental and Behavioral disorders of children.
  • They assess all aspects of development, including language, social communication and interaction skills, play, behavior, motor and cognitive skills to decide on the developmental needs and to reach a diagnosis.
  • They evaluate, counsel, and provide treatment for children, adolescents, and their families with a wide range of developmental and behavioral difficulties.
  • They also do follow up of High-risk newborns to identify delays at the earliest and start early interventions for best possible outcome.


  • OPD Consultation
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy
  • Special/Remedial Education Psychological Assessment
  • Behaviour Modification Social Skills Training
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
  • IQ Assessment
  • Educational Assessment
  • Counselling - Child and Parents